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Were you in the dark during the wind storm that hit our area on June 29, 2012?

According to the Roanoke Times there were over 3 million electric power customers without power.  Many of those customers were without electricity for 6 or more days (some as many as 14 days).  The Governor declared a state of emergency. 
How about the wind storm on June 13, 2013?  Tens of thousands lost power for several days.
The newspaper reported that gasoline powered generators were being sold over the region and that more generators were on the way.  HOWEVER, the newspaper did not report that many of the people that purchased these gasolilne powered generators could not use them because they could not buy gasoline.  The loss of electricity not only affected people's homes, but also the gasoline filling stations and convenience stores that sell gasoline.  It requires electricity to run the gas pumps.
Our customers that have purchased a standby generator did not have to worry about buying gasoline, or hauling it home, or even trying to start their generators.  In fact, our customers were only without power for less than 20 seconds.  Our customers did not have to worry about losing refrigerated or frozen food, tripping in the dark, or sleeping in a hot, muggy house.  To explain, our standby generators use either propane or natural gas to power the generator's engine (no need to purchase or store hazardous gasoline).  Natural and LP gas have a life of many, many years.  Gasoline can only be stored for a couple of months.  The generator has a battery (just like your car) to start the engine.  The battery is always charged and ready because the generator automatically starts every week and runs for approximately 12 minutes.  This 12 minutes (exercise time) also allows the generator's system to check its self and insure everything is ready for an emergency.  When the power is restored, the generator's engine shuts off and the transfer switch switches back to the electric company's power. 
The folks who purchased the gasoline powered generator probably stored it in the garage or basement and won't think about it until the power goes out again. Chances are they did not drain the gas and clean the fuel system. Their generator probably will not start because the gas has jelled and plugged the gas line and carburetor. 
The time to purchase a generator is BEFORE you need it!
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Here is video about how our Country's electric power grid is old and failing.  Yet another reason to consider a stand-by generator.  Click this underlined text to see the video.

The pictures below are of some installed generators by South River Contracting of Roanoke, Inc.  
South River Contacting has installed Generators in Roanoke, Salem, and Vinton, Virginia as well as in the Counties of Botetourt, Montgomery, Franklin, Craig, Floyd, Rockbridge, Bedford, Alleghany and the many cities and towns within those Counties.  We provide a complete, turn key job that includes gas lines and all electrical connections. 
And yes, we will install your Generac generator that you purchased elsewhere. Often, homeowners purchase a generator with the intent to install it themselves. However, most people do not realize the complexities and code requirements regulating the installation of generators. We have come to the aid of many folks who got in a "little over their head". Did you know that over 70% of all residential generators in use are made by Generac?