KVAR Energy Controller

Reducing Electrical Waste and Energy Costs Think Green!

Energy efficiency is a commitment worth making, especially with today's global climate change.  Become more earth friendly, while reaping the financial savings from using the KVAR (KEC) Energy Controller in your home or business.

KVAR (KEC) Advantages

  • Return on investment is rapid
  • Power savings are immediate and average 8% to 25%
  • Reduces power surges
  • Increases motor and appliance life
  • Reduces the harmful effects from electro-magnetic fields
  • 5 year warranty
  • 12 year warranty on PU1200 (residential unit)
  • 25 year life expectancy
  • U.S. Patented, NASA Tested, UL Listed, CSA Approved, Cleaner & Greener Certified, RoHS Certified

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Click here to download questions about KVAR units, how they work, installation, etc. - (Adobe file)

Click on the picture of the KVAR unit to the left, which will take you to a link with Fox News stations KSAZ  TV in Phoenix, Arizona.  The station interviewed a KVAR trained electrician and also interviewed some KVAR customers as well as the Arizona Power Company.  The station has a "Deal or Dud" segment and gave KVAR a "Deal" rating.  We think you will find this very informative.

lick Earth for KVAR video on EcoPlanet

A KVAR unit (energy controller) uses capacitors to optimize the current in your home or business.  Click on this link for a description on how a capacitor works (and read the note about "Like a Water Tower"): http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/capacitor1.htm

We sell only power correction devices manufactured in the USA by KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. in Port Orange, Florida. Our KVAR devices are the original and hold the patents and registered trademarks.  We are aware that there are several places offering  similar products made in Korea, China, or India (and recently in the USA).  These units are knock-offs, do not have the approvals (such as UL), give original KVAR units a bad name, and in most cases simply do not work.  Be careful what you read and find on the internet.

Residential units- The basic installed price* for the KVAR PU1200, which is made for a 200 ampere residential breaker panel is $649.00 (includes KVAR PU1200 and 20 amp double pole breaker).  KVAR units save electricity on all inductive loads such as motors (washer, A/C, heat pump, compressor, refrigerator, dryer, freezer, pool, spa, fans, etc.) and outdoor lighting using hi-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps (and lighting using transformers - such as fluorescent).  KVAR units save very little (if any) on resistance loads (incandesent light bulbs, electric water heating, and cooking).  When determining your consumption savings, you need to look at kw hours used, not the price of electricity.  Your bill may be higher, but you used less electricity.  This is because of increased charges (generating fees, distribution charges, taxes, etc.) added to your bill by the power company (we cannot control the rates, however, if you use less electricity your bill WILL be lower).

* Basic installation:  A basic installation is to a currently manufactured (breakers available), surface mounted breaker panel (older panels may require upgrading).  There should be adequate space on one side of panel to install the KVAR unit and there should be enough space in the panel for a double pole, 220 volt, 20 amp breaker (furnished).  Residential installation must be within 20 miles of downtown Roanoke, VA.  Further distances and unique installations will be quoted individually.  KVAR units MUST be installed by, and properly sized, by a licensed and KVAR trained electrician to validate warranty coverage.

Commercial units- must be sized with our special sizing equipment.  After determining the amperage demand of your business and sizing a KVAR unit (or units), we will show you the result and determine pricing.  Commercial units are manufactured to provide the optimal savings for each motor.  There is a fee for sizing commercial systems, but, the fee will be applied towards the KVAR unit and installation if purchased.  The sizing will also give you a report of where your electric demands are the greatest.

Click this line to see a South River Contracting KVAR commercial installation and results. (On YouTube)

South River is pleased to announce our exclusive agreement with Valley Energy Consultants and KVAR Manufacturing to offer and install KVAR Energy Controller (KEC) devices for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in Roanoke and surrounding areas.  These devices can reduce your electric energy consumption 6% to 25% and reduce your carbon footprint.  Units available for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Think Green!

More information can be obtained at www.kvarnrg.com

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Colorado KVAR
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